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  • Sequoia


    From idea to IPO and beyond, we help the daring build legendary companies. Follow our publication for more Sequoia perspectives: https://seq.vc/Sequoia-pub

  • Shay Mandel

    Shay Mandel

    Software Executive and Entrepreneur in heart. Avid bike rider (MTB/XC/Road)

  • David J Bland

    David J Bland

    I help people test business ideas.

  • Neil Turner

    Neil Turner

    Former techy turned UX Jedi. Checkout out my blog (UX for the Masses) for more about me.

  • M.G. Siegler

    M.G. Siegler

    Writer turned investor turned investor who writes. General Partner at GV. I blog to think.

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Nir Eyal

    Nir Eyal

    Author of “Hooked” and “Indistractable.” Want to overcome distraction? Get my free 80-page guide to becoming “Indistractable” at: NirAndFar.com

  • Thomas P Seager, PhD

    Thomas P Seager, PhD

    TPSeager@StoryGarden.co Self-Actual Engineering https://www.youtube.com/c/ThomasSeager @seagertp Join https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13613731

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