How do I find opportunities for innovation? What signals can I look for? How do I spot client friction?


After a talk on rapid product validation today where I spoke about how companies like Google and Uber focus relentlessly on reducing friction from the existing customer experience as a way to delight them, a member of the marketing team for a large client asked me an interesting question:

I think a good place to start is to look at the jobs-to-be-done for the customer and count the number of steps it takes to complete the job.

On reflection, it makes sense. Think about a normal taxi ride vs Uber and count the steps from initial contact to destination.

Uber is at least 10x fewer interactions/steps than a traditional taxi. Count them — you’ll be surprised.

I’m going to validate my answer over the next few days and see if it makes sense. On the surface, it seems like a simple way to spot these opportunities.

CEO / Founder at Exponentially. Working to help innovators build The Right It using Pretotyping. 4 startups, 2 sold, 2 lessons. Love Tech. Board Member.

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