It’s week four ( April 12, 2020) of our self-imposed lockdown. One of the most useful things Kim (my wife) and I did was create order early on. This concept comes from Barry O’Reilly’s Unlearn podcast interview with an expert in Crisis management, Eric McNulty.

I like the distinction. When an event like Coronavirus (COVID-19) happens, I grasp for control.

But you can’t control the unknown, so the best alternative is to create order.

Order in our case is an agreed schedule given we’re sharing the same apartment space for a few months without leaving. This was a very good move!

During the week we make sure that we have some time together in the day, but maintain our focus on work and use the time well.

This is an opportunity to “Choose Alive Time or Dead Time. — Robert Greene’.

One of the things we’re doing well is to make space for each other. Two hours of personal time per day. No explanations, no interruptions, no negotiating. Watch TV, work, play, whatever.

We’re also lucky to have a balcony, so the two camping chairs come out quickly when the sun peeks in. We go outside every single day regardless of the weather. First time in twelve years we’ve used the balcony so much!

Also exercise. I have cycled 20 minutes and worked out with over-door exercise cables daily. Who knew I would exercise more being locked up?

The order has been a rock to ensure we communicate well and respect each other’s space. There’s time for play and flexibility, of course, this isn’t the military or prison, but it’s a nice base to work from.

I’m not sure how long this will all go on, but so far we’re not losing it (often) and appreciating the small things we do have. I realise we’re very fortunate and a lot of people are having a really tough time right now, but if you’re grasping for control, try creating some order and relinquishing control for a while. You may be surprised how manageable this can be.

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